Solar cells on stainless steel

Thin Film Solar Cells on Stainless Steel

Polycrystalline silicon and GIGS2 ultra-light weight thin-film solar cells deposited on polished ultra-thin, flexible stainless steel substrates, wafers and foils are expected to give superior performance for space missions.

Polycrystalline silicon solar cells and GIGS2 solar cells have the potential for achieving higher conversion efficiencies and because large scale deposition techniques can be utilized, cost projections are that these solar cells can be several times less expensive than presently manufactured crystalline multijunction solar cells.

Advantages of thin film solar cells on stainless steel:

  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Possible roll to roll thin film deposition
  • High radiation tolerance

304SS, 316SS and 430SS stainless steels are used as substrate material for thin film solar cells and can be obtained from Valley Design.

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